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Description of Spill Tackle


This is a 20 lb bag of highly absorbent, bio-preferred Spill Tackle. The ideal solution for large or commonplace spills, this bag contains 20 lbs of loose Spill Tackle - enough to absorb 8-10 gallons of fluid. The 20 lb bag is equivalent to 120-150 lbs of standard clay absorbent and is ideal for gas companies, large manufacturing and industrial plants, spill response operations, and more. Made from organic, reclaimed agriculture and forestry materials, Spill Tackle biodegrades along with encapsulated hydrocarbon fluids making it safe for municipal landfill storage and outdoor applications. This item must ship truck freight.


 Size: 19 x 28 x 4

 Absorbs on contact

• Environmentally friendly

 USDA bio preferred (sustainable)

 4 - 6 times more absorbent than clay 

• Easy to spread over large surface areas 

 Absorbs petroleum fluids off top of water

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